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Everything from metal

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Classical metalwork

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Screws of special sizes and functions

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Aftermarket spare parts

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Warehouse technology, shelf systems

About us

Our company, Ferogal Lakatosipari és Kereskedelmi Kft. was established in 1993. Before that, as of 1970, we performed our business activities as an ancillary undertaking of the Galgavölgye Agricultural Cooperative. Since the foundation of the company, our main activity has been the manufacturing of metalwork products and metal processing. At our site in Galgagyörk we have a staff of 15 persons available to serve our customers.

Within the scope of classical metalwork products:

We produce aftermarket spare parts for various refrigerator service networks: shelves, protective guards, décor grids, door rails, boxes.

For bonding unit dealers and end users we develop and prepare screws of special sizes and functions.

For warehouse technology and commercial companies we produce various shelf systems, racks, platforms and equipment.

For marketing activities we prepare product display systems, sales spot advertising products and displays.

In addition, based on layouts or samples made available we are able to manufacture almost any item, from individual parts to series spares.